ultimate canine skin and coat500"Designing" the Way to Better Health for Your Companion Animal!

Our products are formulated from whole foods and food concentrates with the intention of delivering nutrients that are bioactive, the way Mother Nature made them. These nutrients synergistically provide support to the digestive, nervous, and immune systems. The result is sustained energy, healthy skin and coat, and much more . . .

It's no secret - Good health starts from within!

Dear Customers and Animal Owners,

With today's busy lifestyle, an understanding of the body's nutritional needs is essential for supporting healthy physiological and psychological development. It is important to continue with the correct supplementation of our daily diet, as well as our pet's, in an effort to support overall health.

In order to make the correct choice of supplements, it is necessary to learn about the various natural foods and supplements, micro floras, and their safety and quality.

We would like to share with you some knowledge about our products, and how they can make a great contribution to your companion animal's health.

Our Commitment to Quality

Designing Health's high quality standards are an inherent part of everything we do, assuring that our product is of the highest quality and is absolutely safe for humans and companion animals. Our Company's efforts are constantly directed toward complying with AAFCO, FDA and USDA regulations. The USDA and FDA Health Department audit our facility on a regular basis. Therefore, all of Designing Health's products are manufactured under strict "Good Manufacturing Practices," and are in compliance with US Food and Drug Administration's CGMP's Regulation 21 CFR 110 and USDA Regulation 21 CFR 589.2000.

To accomplish this, Designing Health's Quality Control Department has implemented comprehensive and thorough process specifications and controls. Testing is a critical part of Designing Health's quality process. The first quality control step is to obtain Product Data Sheets, MSDS's (Material Safety Data Sheets), and COA's (Certificates of Analysis) on each ingredient. Special requirements have to be met before new suppliers are approved. We ensure that we are using ingredients that are of the highest quality (nutrient rich and microbiologically safe). For certain ingredients, this can be a long-term process before final approval for use in our products. Subsequent steps include microbiological and chemical testing of incoming raw materials prior to their acceptance, testing of incoming supplies (such as packaging etc.), testing of each premix made, and of each lot of finished product produced. These tests also include environmental pre-operational testing of production equipment by ATP Bioluminescence, ensuring completed sanitation. All steps are carefully documented.

During our production process, we don't use any kind of pasteurization, sterilization, or heat. No preservatives are involved and/or included in any of our ingredients. The reason for this is that we don't want to cause degradation and/or destruction of naturally occurring nutrients (such as proteins, fatty acids, enzymes, and traces of vitamins and minerals) in our products. Production and Quality Assurance teamwork programs, procedures and comprehensive training are a part of Designing Health's program of dedication to achieving uniformity in quality for every lot of finished product produced.

No products leave Designing Health's plant before they have passed all required screening steps. Designing Health's Quality Control Department has the ability to track each individual ingredient used in any particular lot of finished product, ensuring that our product is safe and of the highest quality.

Technical Department, Science and Quality
Designing Health, Inc.