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    The Missing Link® Ultimate Health & Beauty Small Animal Formula
    Dr. Collett knows that all pets need to eat foods with balanced nutrition just like they would in the wild. Small animals in particular source a broad diversity of food stuffs in the wild that are not well represented in commercially processed feed. The Missing Link Ultimate Small Animal Health & Beauty formula closes the nutritional gap with just a sprinkle a day.

    Nutritionally Supports

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    • Healthy Skin & Coat
    • Healthy Eyes & Ears
    • Healthy Teeth & Gums
    • Healthy Immune System
    • Muscle, Tendon & Ligament Function
    • Healthy Digestive System

    Healthy Skin & Coat

    Many pet owners become aware of health problems in their animals when minor irritations develop in the coat but good health is never just skin deep. Dr. Collett introduced The Missing Link when his research revealed a lack of Omega 3 fatty acids in commercially processed pet foods along with detrimentally poor quality of the Omega 6 fatty acids. As a veterinarian, Dr. Collett knows that high quality Omega 3 and 6 have to be present and balanced in your pet's diet just like it would be for animals in the wild. With Omega 3 and 6 in perfect balance, your pet's better health is supported everyday and is reflected in their healthy skin and beautiful, shiny coat.

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    Healthy Eyes & Ears

    Dr. Robert Collett created The Missing Link, the original superfood supplements, with the understanding that to foster healthy ears and eyes in small animals, you have to support healthy cells. With 40 years as a practicing veterinarian and researcher, Dr. Collett discovered that properly balanced essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, and 9) along with the other nutrients provided in our Ultimate Small Animal Health and Beauty formula are critical for the absorption of fat soluble vitamins and for supporting intercellular health - which in turn helps prevent waxy build up in the ears and supports good eye health. It's commonsense nutrition backed by modern science.

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    Healthy Teeth & Gums

    In the wild, small animals forage a widely diverse diet from many sources. In an abundant environment, the fresh wild diet will naturally balance precious Omega 3 and 6 Essential fatty acids. Commercially processed feeds lack that critical balance and in small animals that can effect gum health and teeth. The Missing Link Ultimate Small Animal Health & Beauty formula closes the nutritional gap between processed and natural diets and supports your pet’s better health every day.

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    Healthy Immune System

    Commercially processed pet foods are exposed to heat, light, air, and pressure and the delicate vitamins and minerals critical to a healthy immune system are easily damaged or destroyed in processing. The Missing Link superfood's patented process protects our whole food ingredients from all detrimental forces and we nitrogen flush our multilayer pouches to ensure freshness and potency all the way through to your pet's bowl. With all vitamins and minerals at peak potency at every meal, the Missing Link nutritionally supports your pet's immune system exactly as Dr. Collett intends.

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    Soft Tissue, Muscle Tendon & Ligament Function

    As pet owners it can be difficult to tell if our pets are comfortable or if they are just being tough little team players. It's only natural then that you're not spending your time thinking about peer-reviewed professional articles on supersaturated amino acids and their affects on bone and muscle growth – but at Designing Health, we're obsessed with it. Omega 3 in your small animal diet supports soft tissues like muscle, tendons and ligaments.  The Missing Link Ultimate Small Animal Health and Beauty formula keeps you pet looking and feeling it's best.

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    Healthy Digestive System

    For owners of small animals, it's easy to overlook that diets low in fiber allow toxins to build up in the digestive tract. Once toxins enter the blood stream, they have a negative effect on every aspect of cellular health. The Missing Link nutritional supplements contain both soluble and insoluble fiber to help maintain general health and a healthy digestive system with every meal.

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