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What our customers are saying:

"Thanks for your great Missing Link hip joint and skin product. Aydin, my 5 year old Papillon American Eskimo dog loves the flavor and has stopped limping thanks to your product (and everyone compliments his lovely black and white fur."
-Joan and Aydin

"I want to personally thank you for your product The Missing Link Skin and Coat for my dog Max. He's an 11 year old Springer Spaniel who was having many health issues with his skin, digestion, and energy levels. After getting him on your product within a few weeks he's returned to his high energy self and his flaky skin has been reduced greatly. I was fearful that with his age, his condition would get worse and I'd lose my best friend. But now he's his old playful self and chasing after the deer out of the garden and the squirrels up the tree. Many thanks and we are customers for life."
-Jerry W. - Web

"I just wanted to thank you for your product. Our seven year old German Shepherd now sheds only for a couple of weeks in the summer, when she used to shed constantly. Her coat used to be rough and dull. Now it is very soft and shiny, in fact it was noticeably softer in just one week! She loves the taste of Missing Link® and won't eat her food unless the Missing Link
® is in it." 
-Peter R. - Stockton, CA

 "Several months ago, I started using your product The Missing Link® with glucosamine for my dog who suffers from severe arthritis. She was having great problems using her back legs to help her get up. Although her problem is too severe to stop using medication, I have seen a big difference in her since we started using your product. Heidi seems almost like a different dog! Her energy level is good, she is quite active, and she seems to be able to get up and down much easier. Her overall spirit seems much happier, too. I attribute it to The Missing Link®. Thanks for a great product. I plan on using the Missing Link® for the rest of her life."
Julia M. - Lake View Terrace, CA